community internship

Discover Purpose | Develop Leadership

The Community Internship exists to develop young people as true followers of Jesus, as leaders of people, and we desire to walk alongside them as they discover their God-given purpose. We do this through discipleship, practical ministry training, and community. Our goal is to lead our interns to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.
Discipleship: Step into a life of truly following Jesus! Each week, you will be a part of classes that develop you as a follower of Jesus and a leader of people. Community Interns will be surrounded by people who are committed to seeing them walk in their purpose given by God.

Community: Be immersed in a team that loves one another, chooses one another, and encourages one another to be who God has created you to be. 

Ministry Training: Sharpen your gifts and talents, and push past your comfort zone. Community Interns will receive hands-on training with Community of Faith's pastors and leaders while being involved in the operations of the church. 

Elijah Hughes

The internship was a game changer in my life. It was where I truly figured out who God was to me. I had joined the internship newly saved and not really sure who God was 100%. But during the internship, God truly revealed Himself to me in many ways. From there, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to making the name of Jesus known and seeing others transformed in the way that I was. The internship propelled me into going to Bible college and living a life of faith on a solid foundation.

The internship really helps you see who you are in Christ, it helps you grow in multiple areas, and most importantly, it gives you a safe space to work through your struggles and find true freedom and reliance in Christ. I would truly recommend it to anyone I know!

Corinne Rogers

In all honesty, when the Lord called me to the internship, I was expecting it to just fill up my summer with a few good memories and busy work to make the time go by faster. I was so excited to get hands-on ministry experience because at that point in my life I had started to develop a deep passion for ministry. What the internship ended up being was totally different, and totally incredible beyond my wildest dreams.

God met me time and time again during the internship, teaching me more about who He is and who I am in Him. I learned what it means to completely and totally depend on the Lord for everything - even the very breath in my lungs is dependent on Him! He showed me His character as the Good Shepherd and taught me what it means to be led by Him in everyday life. Through the many people pouring into me during my internship, I came into greater freedom in my walk with Jesus and a greater understanding of who He created me to be. While I did end up filling my time with practical ministry experience and making many good memories, I was so radically changed through the internship that my walk with Jesus will never be the same again - and for that, I am so grateful!

Carson Clark 

Throughout the internship, I was given a space to grow in multiple areas. The most notable element of the internship is the atmosphere you’re in, where you’re continually surrounded by like-minded people, pursuing the same thing. By doing this, my walk with the Lord was drastically changed for the better. Placing yourself in an environment where the Lord is sought in prayer, the word is studied, and Jesus is honored, changes you forever.

The internship helped my devotion to the Lord. It helped to instill in me spiritual disciplines that took me to deeper depths with Him. In addition, it aided me in identifying my giftings, and how those giftings could be used for His glory. The internship gave me the ability to identify and exercise my calling to ministry. I’m forever grateful that the Lord called me to say yes to that period of my life because it gave me a foundation to build on.

Alena Dangel 

Committing to the internship was one of the hardest things God has ever asked me to do. It required a lot of change, discomfort, and sacrifice, but He proved faithful to me at every obstacle when I said Yes. Coming in, I had no idea what God's purpose was for me. The internship gave me hands-on ministry experience, time with staff who poured into me, and relationships that I so desperately needed. I was pushed and encouraged in many ways to grow in my relationship with God and to grow as a person through the environment, teaching, and people.  I came out of it starting to grasp how much God loves me. I realized when I made pursuing a relationship with Him my priority, that is when I found the purpose He has for my life, and the internship was an amazing place to do that. I feel incredibly grateful to have found a community that will support and uplift me.