Frequently Asked Questions

Does Community Internship provide housing accommodations?
Community of Faith does not provide housing for Community Interns. However, we will try to assist in to find accommodations, if possible.


Who will supervise me?
You will be directly supervised by the Internship Director, Will Petersen, with further guidance from other pastors and leaders of Community of Faith.


May I work and/or attend school while participating in the internship program?
We do expect full dedication from our interns during the Community Intern Office Hours. Most evenings as well as Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are open for employment or coursework as long as neither of them contradict the Code of Conduct mentioned below.  We want you to have the energy, time, and focus to make the most out of your internship as well as balance the other priorities in your life.

When can I start?
  • The yearly internship begins the first week of September and runs through May.
  • The summer internship begins the first week of June and runs through August.


What is the application process?
1. Submit application

2. Interview with Intern Director and/or Community of Faith Pastoral Leaders. Interview will be face-to-face or over the phone.

3. Reference check (If application is accepted)

4. Criminal background check

5. When the application process is successfully completed, the Intern Director will invite applicant to join the program via letter of invitation. (If the application is declined, the Intern Director will communicate the decision to the applicant.)

6. Upon letter of invitation, applicant must accept or decline by the deadline provided in the invitation letter.

7. Applicant will sign Community Internship Code of Conduct and Pledge of Commitment.

Will I be paid as an intern?
This is not a paid internship. We strongly believe that if God has called you to this program, He will provide the way for you. Interns are fully responsible to raise their own support during the program. One of the prerequisites to leadership is being able to cast a vision and have others support it.


Is a married person eligible to be an intern?

What if I have children?
You are still eligible for the internship.

Do I need a car?
Yes. Community of Faith is one church with several locations. Participants will be assigned to various campuses and work differing schedules based on each ministry's unique needs. Each participant is responsible for providing for his or her own transportation.


Do I need a laptop?
It is recommended that you have your own laptop, but not required.


Are there any job guarantees after the program?
There is no guarantee of employment at Community of Faith after your program.


What are the standards that participants must abide by?
  • Abstain from biblical immoral practices including: drunkenness, stealing, slanderous or profane language, dishonesty, occult practices and sexual sins (premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality) or any other behavior that is considered detrimental to Christian character and witness.

  • Avoid bad attitudes (such as jealousy, pride, bitterness, greed, needless anger and discrimination) and behavior (such as gossip, divisiveness and complaining) that disrupts the unity and health of the internship team or church.

  • Submit to the designated leadership and graciously receive correction.

  • Show respect and consideration for other members of Community Internship, church staff and members.

  • Attend all classes, projects, activities, events and services required by the Community Internship, unless formally excused.

  • Turn in all assignments and complete required readings by the due dates specified.

  • Participate in church-wide and departmental events as required.

  • Abstain from alcohol or smoking of any substance.

  • Abstain from attending bars, including bars within restaurants.

  • Adhere to the personal appearance guidelines followed by the church staff. (This includes no revealing shirts, short shorts or skirts, graphics with inappropriate slander or sayings.)

  • Refrain from dating or the appearance of being in a dating relationship (unless receiving prior approval).
We understand you may have more questions outside of what we have provided. If that's the
case, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.