Age Range: 17 - 25 years old

The Summer Internship is a 10-week program starting in June and ending in August.


Age Range: 18 - 25 years old

The Yearly Internship begins the first week of September and runs through the middle of May. 

application process

1. Complete the Community Internship Online Application.

2. All applicants need the following references:It is your responsibility to provide your reference with the respective link above.

3. All applicants under the age of 18 are also required to have the Parent/Guardian Form completed.

4. A criminal background check will be completed for applicants age 18+.

5. Applicant will interview with the Internship Director and/or Community of Faith Leaders.

6. When the application process above is successfully completed, the Internship Director will invite the applicant to join the program. If the application is declined, the Internship Director will communicate the decision to the applicant.

7. Upon invitation, the applicant must accept or decline within the deadline provided by the Internship Director.