Summer Internship

Age Range: 15 - 25 years old

The Summer Internship begins the first week of June and runs through August. We recommend the Summer Internship for those in school and have the summer off.

Application & Reference Deadline: May 1st

Yearly Internship

Age Range: 18 - 25 years old

The Yearly Internship begins the first week of September and runs through May. We recommend the Yearly Internship to those who are not in school the duration of the internship.

Application & Reference Deadline: August 1st

application process

1. Download & print out the Community Internship Application by using the download links below.

2. You are responsible for reading to understand and completing the entire application.

3. Download & print the Pastor/Spiritual Mentor Reference Form. This reference is required for all applicants.

4. All applicants under the age of 18 are required to download and print the Internship Parent/Guardian Form.

5. You are required to have three references total. The Parent/Guardian Form does count as a reference.

6. Be sure to write your name on the top of each reference form before handing them out.

7. You are responsible to deliver ALL forms to each reference, pastor, and/or parent, and to ensure that they are returned to us.