Middle School Recources Recommendations

We all need a little help.
Every year brings new obstacles and differnt ways you have never seen your child before, and the middle school years are no different. Below are some of our favorite topcis that can be hard to navigate.
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Help Your Middle Schooler
Develop A Positive Body Image

Middle schoolers are already self-conscious about all the changes happening in their bodies. Add to that the messages they’re receiving and the pressures they’re getting in regards to body image, and you’ve got the potential for some major body image issues.

What To Do Before & After
You Give A Kid A Phone

Jon Acuff
By far, the number-one thing parents of teens ask me when they learn what I do for a living is almost always about phones.

High Hopes

Esther Gray
Parenting most often is not about the difference you are making today but setting up the life and family you want to see 10-15 years from now.

Conversation Guides

The decisions that students make now about salvation and a relationship with Jesus carry a lot of weight because they’re old enough to understand what that means for their future.
Are we really going to talk about this? If you want your kids to grow up with sexual integrity, then the answer is—YES!
For a middle schooler, friendships are life. This is the phase when students need somewhere to belong. To fit in. To be a part of.
 So as we all stumble to keep up with this ever-changing world, here are some ways to have real conversations at every age to shape a healthy perspective on what technology can, should, and shouldn’t do in our lives
 These phase-specific Faith Conversation Guides are here to help when the need arises, so you’ll be ready to talk to your child about faith.
Most kids are moving from a smaller school to a larger one. Last year, they were the big fish in school. But this year, they’re the minnows!
Middle Schoolers have all of these emotions coursing through their veins and their desire for independence seems to increase daily. With all of these changes often comes a bit of anxiety with it.
Whether your child is dealing with a bully, showing signs of being one, or even if it’s not on anyone’s radar, it’s important to talk to your kids about bullying. But what do you say?