Community Youth Junior High | GRADES 6th - 8th

More than ever, students are longing for a place to belong. They are seeking meaningful opportunities to share who they really are through their talents, ideas, and passions They desire to have a voice and a chance to change the world.

We believe these things they crave and a chance to thrive, exist in one place — COMMUNITY.

In this Community you will always find:

  • AUTHENTICITY - To be seen for who you are and embraced for your unique qualities without fear of judgement or failure.

  • CONNECTION - To build relationships that influence your identity, purpose, and passions.

  • CHALLENGE - To inspire the improvement of currently held qualities, values, habits, and knowledge.



every Wednesday night

Check-In begins at 6:30PM

After check-in students can participate in activities such as basketball, ping pong, pool, video and board games.

Service 7PM - 8PM

A typical service will include group game, teaching, and small groups.

Community youth building

219 North Commerce Street, Lewisburg, OH 



Whether it will be your first time to attend youth with us or maybe you have been before,

we are so excited to have you join us. In order for us to create an environment full of authenticity, 

connection, and challenge, we want to let you know about some guidelines to follow while you are here.

We ask that all students have an emergency contact on file, as well as a signed copy of our

Community Youth Code of Conduct. You can follow the links below or pick these forms up when you attend.



Download last week's handout here!



upcoming events



For any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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