Community Youth

Community Youth Junior High | Grades 6th - 8th

More than ever, students are longing for a place to belong. They are seeking meaningful opportunities to share who they really are through their talents, ideas, and passions They desire to have a voice and a chance to change the world.

We believe these things they crave and a chance to thrive, exist in one place — COMMUNITY.

In this Community you will always find:

Authenticity - To be seen for who you are and embraced for your unique qualities without fear of judgement or failure.
Connection -  To build relationships that influence your identity, purpose, and passions.
Challenge -  To inspire the improvement of currently held qualities, values, habits, and knowledge.

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Summer Camp 2019

Time & Location

Every Wednesday Night

Check-In begins at 6:30PM
After check-in students can participate in activities such as basketball, ping pong, pool, video and board games.

Service 7PM - 8PM

A typical service will include group game, teaching, and small groups.
Community Youth Building
219 N. Commerce Street, Lewisburg, OH