House Party FAQ

If I plan to assemble my own House Party, do I still need to sign up as a host?
Yes, Community of Faith leadership wants to pray for all the groups, and help guide the hosts in anyways we can.  We are asking that all hosts, take a moments to sign up as a House Party site. 
As a House Party host, will I need to provide any type of food?
No, this is not a requirement.  It is entirely up to you if you want to provide any food or drink during your House Party.
Will the church be providing anything for the House Party hosts?
Community of Faith leadership is here to help you in anyway.  If you sign up to host as House Party, we will be in contact with you and would be more than willing to guide you through this amazing opportunity. 
Do we have to take sign-ups for our House Party?
No, you are more than welcome to invite friends and family to your House Party and have church together.   We would like for all House Party Host to sign up so that we are about to partner with you and offer support if needed.  When you sign up to be a House Party there is an option for assembling your own Party or allowing for sign ups.
May I bring my children to a House Party?
Absolutely, just be sure to join a House Party that can accommodate children. 
Is there a specific day or time I need to have my house party?
The desire is for House Parties to gather and have church together on Sunday mornings.  With that being said, we welcome groups to meet more frequently.