It's an exciting time of year as our 5th grade students will move-up to Junior High. We strive to make this experience from Kids classrooms to youth, one full of excitement and connection. The dates and events below will be important in this transition for your student.

May 27th

5th Graders last Sunday in kids classrooms.After this date, your student will join you in main service.

June 1st                                     

5th Grade Open House | 6-9PM                 Community Youth Building,                                   219 N Commerce St Lewisburg.

We encourage parents to attend with students from 6:30-7PM so that you can experience a typical service, meet your student's small group leaders, and receive information on procedures pertaining to youth. Parents will be dismissed at 7PM. Student will stay for food, games and more!

June 6th

Students may start attending Junior High Services. 

We can't wait to meet your student(s).

For further questions or information: Contact Bekah Kvas |