• Gray House (map)
  • 412 N. Commerce Street
  • Lewisburg
  • United States

Led by Eric and Penny Petersen

This group will meet at the gray house next to the Lewisburg campus every other week. The exact date and time will be decided on as a group.

In the book of Galatians, Paul calls the Galatian Christians "foolish" because they are "turning to a different gospel" and becoming enslaved to a legalistic, works-based view of their relationship with God rather than standing firm in the freedom of grace. As a result, they are "thrown into confusion" and walking in a relationship with the law, rather than with God.  Paul defines the root of this foolishness as not understanding what happened at the cross where "Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified".  In this study, we'll work to understand the freedom of the gospel as we consider 5 transformations of the cross (regeneration, redemption, justification, adoption, and glorification), and the revolutionary impact this understanding has on our ability to stand firm in the freedom He has obtained for us.