We ask that if you have ANY questions regarding the Ultimate Helicopter Egg Drop, please DO NOT contact the Preble County YMCA. Read through the FAQ's and call Community of Faith at (937) 583-5205

Can someone other than myself pick my child up from the egg drop area?
At registration, you will receive two wrist bands, one for the child and one for whomever will be picking the child up from the Egg Drop area.  For the safety of the child, they will only be permitted to leave with whomever has the matching wristband.
Are children allowed to bring Easter baskets?
No, during registration each child will be given a bag that they will use to collect eggs.  This is to keep the ‘basket’ size the same and fair for all children who participate.
Are there any services for special needs children?
Yes, any child who needs special assistance can participate in the 0-3 year old /Parent Assisted field directly behind the YMCA that runs from 1p-2:15p.
What time should my child line up for the Helicopter Egg drop?
0-3 years old/parent assisted will run from 1 - 2:30pm
4-6 year olds should line-up from 1:45p - 2pm
7-10 year olds will line up immediately following the younger age group
If you become separated from your child what would I do?
Go to the DJ booth, they will be able to announce the description of the child if needed.
Is this event secure?  
Community of Faith will have a team in place during the egg drop to help keep children secure.  Preble County Medical Center also has a police officer on staff and present during the event.
Do I need to register to play on the inflatables/games?  
No, registration is only required for the Egg Drop portion of the event.
What time do we need to be there?
Registration runs from 10am until 1:45p.  See above for line-up times for the Egg Drop.
Is it free?
The entire event is free with the exception of the concession stand.
Is there food?  
Yes, there will be several different food options including: hamburgers, hotdogs chips and drinks.
Where do we park? 
YMCA members can park in the YMCA Parking Lot. Anyone who is there for the event is asked to park on Preble Drive.
Do we have to stay once we have registered?
No, you’re not required to stay around but the child would need to be back in time to participate in the appropriate Egg Drop group.
Where do we register?
Registration will be available on the sidewalk near the main entrance to the YMCA.
Can I help my kids?  
Parents are only permitted on the field with 0-3 year olds. There will be volunteers on the larger fields who will be able to help a child if needed.
What are the ages?
Only children 10 years or younger can participate.   
Ages 0-3 (Parent Assisted): Separate area at 1pm
Ages 4-6: Takes part in the Helicopter Egg Drop
Ages 7-10: Takes part in the Helicopter Egg Drop
How early can I register?
You can register your child(ren) online today by clicking here.
Registration will still be available the day of the event until 2pm or until 2,000 kids have been registered.
Will you cut off registration?  
Yes, only the first 2,000 kids will be able to participate in the Egg Drop.